Script and directed by Yaroslav Fedoryshyn
Set and Costumes Alla Fedoryshyna

Lighting Krzysztof Dubiel
Sound Serhiy Kondratovych

Cast: Maria Kovalik, Nataliya Łukashonok, Nataliya Marchak, Tetiana Tkachenko, Wolodymir Chukhonkin, Yurii Philipchuk, Wolodymir Gubanov, Petro Mykytiuk, Taras Yurychko /Vasyl Bułat, Evgenij Petrov, drums Nazar Lis.

The performance tells about the rituals and customs that accompany people from the beginning of history. Voskresinnia
using the proper means of theatrical expression shows how important a role in life of mankind plays a fire. With the sounds of plastic music and live drums concert, the actors – creators of the Universe, will become a wedding retinue, a troupe of cheerful dancers and jugglers. As part of the expanding action, they will turn into knights of the Apocalypse and destroy them.
The viewer follows situations that accompany people: the birth of life, fun, joy, harmony, but and scenes straight from the apocalyptic vision of the destruction of man. The finale of the play taking place in the brightness of fireworks, however, gives hope for the final victory of good. The aesthetics of the performance are canceled
to Ukrainian folklore. In dance performances, music was used on stilts laureate of the Eurovision Song Contest of the Ukrainian artist Ruslan. No words show, it lasts 50 minutes.

Fire, wind, lightning and rainstorm, or “Gloria”
  They also did not discourage the audience, thirsty for outdoor spectacle. On the contrary, the Saturday evening storm and the temporary wall of rain made the spectacle “Gloria” gain unexpected and literally staggering special effects. With this strong accent the III Festival Between Words began – a meeting with theater, poetry and prose. The performance “Gloria”, shown in the natural setting of the port of Kołobrzeg, is a story about love, hatred, good and evil struggles and rituals that have accompanied people since the dawn of time, performed by stilts on artists’ stilts. the actors were operating, despite the rainy adversities, 25 liters of kerosene were used for the performance.
Głos Koszaliński

In the performance of the Ukrainian theatres Voskresinnia Gloria dance stilts, performances with fire, parades of mines and juggling tomfoolery made it easy for actors to establish good contact with the audience. Good entertainment and pyrotechnical attractions were not the only value of their performance. A lot could be read in the play directed by Iaroslav Fedoryshyn. He talked about it himself: Gloria is a very difficult story about the fight that a man has in a life. To tell about the beginning of everything and the meeting of a man with fire and water, his love for happiness and power, we gave the main role to ethnic music, which mixes with very contemporary expression. “

Agata Kirol, Mirosław Baran – Gazeta Wyborcza Trójmiasto

The event of the first day of the festival was eagerly awaited, the art of the Voskresinnia Theatre  from Lviv “Gloria”. Embedded in the poetics of the group, already known Jelenia Gora’s  citizens from last year’s “The Cherry Orchard” is a metaphorical spectacle and ethnic hiking, poetic story about life and about the elements of fire and water. The latter – as if ordered – fell from the sky. The rain began to drizzle just when the soundtrack was thunder! Some of the audience wondered if this was certainly not one of many special effects. But no: it was the truest rain, which stopped quickly and did not prevent the completion of art. In the show, one could see the motives of both Oriental and Christian culture. The background music is important: on the one hand the classic, on the other – modernity and in the entertainment sounds. This combination, however, does not offend, and the song made by Ruslana, Eurovision winner, used to dance on stilts even gained a new value. In some parts, he played live percussion Igor Sheriaeew. Add to this the painterly scenes of brush-lit lights and pyrotechnic effects. For “Gloria”, directed by Iaroslav  Fedoryshyn, deserved applause! Tejo,