5-10 October.


34. The International Theatre Festival “Golden Lion-2023” will take place in Lviv on 5-10 October. The festival is held annually in Lviv in early October. And this year the festival celebrates its 34th anniversary. This year, the festival will feature theatres from Lviv, Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Luhansk, Sumy, Kropyvnytskyi, Chernihiv, and Kherson. There will also be theatres from the Czech Republic, France and Denmark. Stage performances will take place in theatres of Lviv. The audience will also enjoy unforgettable street performances for the whole family and the theatrical opening of the festival, which will take place in the Voskresinnia Theatre (Lviv, 5 Hryhorenko Sq.).

Detailed programme of the festival and announcements of performances are available at and at the Voskresinnia Theatre. Tickets are available at and at

During the festival, everyone will have the opportunity to make a donation for the needs of the army. We are raising money for drones for the 124th Brigade of the 194th Battalion.

There are safe shelters at all locations where the performances will take place.

for more information, please call +380 32 2616310.




16.00 Theatrical opening of the International Theatre Festival “Golden Lion-2023” (Voskresinnia Theatre, 5 Hryhorenka Square)

17.00 Ukrainian pavilion of the Paris Quadrennial of Scenography 2023 “Garden of living things” (will be open throughout the festival) – (Voskresinnia Theatre, Hryhorenka Square 5)

18.00 National Academic Drama Theatre named after L. Ukrainka (Kyiv) with the performance “Translations” by B. Friel, directed by K. Kashlikova (+16) – 2 h 50 min. (M. Zankovetskaya Theatre, 1 L. Ukrainka St.)

18.00 Lviv Regional Puppet Theatre with the performance “Sunset Tango” by V. Tuzhyn, directed by U. Moroz and J. Titarenko – 2 hr 30 min. (Puppet Theatre, Danyl Halytskoho Square 1)

19.00 Theatre “2 Be” (Denmark-Ukraine) with the performance “Special Operation” by A. Zinovenko, directed by A. Zinovenko – 1 hour (theatre “Voskresinnia”, pl. Hryhorenko 5).


18.00 Lviv Academic Youth Theatre named after Lesia Kurbas with the performance “The soaring hawk” by I. Franko, directed by A. Prykhodko – 2h30 (Kurbas Theatre, 3 Kurbas Street)

19.00 Lugansk Regional Academic Ukrainian Musical and Dramatic Theatre with the performance “They are not there” based on the play “The Fourth Wall” by Alex Wood, directed by M. Bulgakov, Honorary Artist of Ukraine – 1 hr 10 min (Voskreseniye Theatre, Gen. Hryhorenko Square 5


12.00 Acting masterclass in circus arts for children – 1h.00 (First Lviv Media Library, Mulyarska Street 2A)

13.00 Discussion on the topic: “War and theatre: realities and possibilities” with the participation of representatives of the theatre community from different cities of Ukraine (Voskresinnia Theatre, 5 Hryhorenka Square); screening of the film Voskresinnia means risen from the dead, directed by Ewa Dubiel, (The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź, Poland)

14.00-18.00 in the city centre there will be a “Klown Konzept” – clown show performed by Pat Belland and Jef Rabillon (France) – (starting from 5 Hryhorenka Square)

17.00 Sumy National Academic Drama and Musical Comedy Theatre named after M.S. Shchepkin with the performance “Bread truce” by S. Zhadan, directed by D. Nekrasov – 2 hrs 00 min. (theatre “Voskresinnia”, 5 Gen. Hryhorenko Square)

19.00 Chernihiv Regional Youth Theatre with the performance “Goodbye my love, or, Girls for You Here” by L. Cunningham, directed by T. Tikhomirov – 2 hrs 00 min. (Theatre One, 11 Hnatyuka Street)

19.30 School Theatre of the Ukrainian Catholic University “On Simon’s Pillars” with the performance “Snow in Florence” by L. Kostenko, directed by E. Chudzyk – 1 hr 10 min. (St. Sophia Church of UCU, 2 Kozelnitskaya St.)


13.00 I-DO Lab Theatre in partnership with the Children’s Voice Foundation and the University of London with a street performance EMETA (Legend of the Golem) -30 mins (Palace of Art, 17 Kopernika Street)

14.00-18.00 In the city centre there will be a “Klown Konzept” – clown show performed by Pat Belland and Jef Rabillon (France) – (starting from 5 Hryhorenka Square).

15.00 The Art Prom team and VOSA theatre (Czech Republic) with the street performance “The First Step” – 30 min. (FESTrepublic, 24-26 Staroznesenska St.)

17.00 Kiev Academic Theatre Workshop “Suzirya” with the performance “The Language of Roses” by N. Kolesnichenko-Bratun directed by O. Kuzhelnyi – 1 hr 10 min (Officers’ House, 22 Teatralna Street)

17.00 National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after M. Zankovitska with the performance “Earth” by O. Kobylinska directed by D. Petrosyan – 1 hr 30 min (M. Zankovytska Theatre, 1 L. Ukrainka St.)

19.00 Lviv Academic Theatre “Voskresinnia” with the performance “House without number” by Y. Fedoryshyn, directed by A. Fedoryshyn, Honoured Artist of Ukraine – 1 hour 30 minutes (Voskresinnia Theatre, 5 Hryhorenka Square).

18.00 Kiev Academic Drama Theatre in Podolia with the performance “Green corridors” by N. Vorozhbyt directed by M. Golenko (+18) – 2h30 (M. Zankovitskaya Theatre, 1 L. Ukrainskaya Street)

20.00 Kherson Regional Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after Mykola Kulish and Project Art Theatre with the performance “Jiva” by A. Matviyvchuk, directed by N. Agueeva-Sved – 1 hr 10 min. (VoskresinniaTheatre, Gen. Hryhorenka Square 5)

16.30, 17.30 Curatorial tour of the Ukrainian pavilion of the Prague Quadriennale 2023 “Garden of Living Things” with Bohdan Polishchuk (20 min.) (Voskresinnia Theatre, pl. Hryhorenka 5).

18.00 Contemporary dance platform with performances “Dance Macabre. Immortal Dance’ and ‘Traces’ staged by B. Polishchuk and T. Znamerovska – 1 hr 15 min (Kurbas Theatre, 3 Kurbas St.)

18.00 City Satire Theatre (Kropyvnytskyi) with a performance of “Beauty Queen” by M. McDonagh, directed by R. Butovsky (1 hr 40 min.) – (Voskresinnia Theatre, Gen. Hryhorenka Square 5).

18.00 Oko Theatre (Lviv) with the performance “Massacre” Y. Reza directed by H. Volovetskaya (+15) (Officers’ House, 22 Theatre Street)

19.00 Vinnitsa Regional Academic Musical and Dramatic Theatre named after M. Sadovy with the performance “Night of the Wolves” by O. Witer, directed by H. Syrotyuk – 1 hr 20 min. (First Theatre, 11 Hnatiuka Street)