The Voskresinnia Theatre continues to work for you and for our victory, even during the power outage. Therefore, we present our repertoire for February. This month you will find: vaudeville “The dance of life” by O. Oles, dramas, Outside in front of the door” by V. Borchert and “America” by B. Srblyanovych, a dream performance “A buliding without a number” by Y. Fedoryshyn, musical “A train from Lviv” by Y. Fedoryshyn, an excursion into feelings “The shape of things” by N. Labut, a detective story “Daughters-Mothers” by O. Mardan and your favorite comedies “Dinner Game” by F. Weber, “Out of order” by R. Cooney and “Right you are—if you think you are” by L. Pirandello.

We are always glad to see you in our theater. Let’s keep the cultural front together!