The Cherry Orchard

The most famous and popular spectacle of our theatre. The show tackles the subject of passing, the inevitable loss of love, affection and longing. Director with warm lyricism and serene irony with mastery builds a Cherry Orchard .The viewer follows the humorous adventures of the characters , reflecting on their future and crying over their fate. The performance was accomplished by conventional ways of expression for the Lviv Theatre Voskresinnia : recoiling vehicles , pyrotechnics , acrobatic performances and stilts walkers . With masterful manipulation of the image , scenery and intriguing advantages the high art of acting , the work has gained a new dimension . Presented in Ukraine, Poland, Russia , Slovakia, Slovenia , Belarus, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy , South Korea, Belgium, Croatia . It won the Grand Prix of the International Theatre Festival in Brest (Belarus ) , and was awarded by the Jury at the International Theatre Festival ” Voices of History ” in Vologda (Russia). The duration of the show 60 minutes