To meet Prospero

The plot of this performance consists of four plays of William Shakespeare. These are: “The Tempest”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Summer Night’s Dream” and “Hamlet”. The main character of the performance is Prospero, who, as a human, has earthy and heavenly power. One has to meet it’s own Prospero, who are the symbol of kindness and good ideas. Prospero created actors, who got muse from the heavens and started playing scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. All world turn into the theatre, where all people are actors. Dynamic music, colorful and bright costumes, masks, scenes with high-heeled shoes, which are created in a genre of comedy-de larte… All these gave a performance interesting decision. Having come to see the performance, you will be got together with the actors into lyrical, comedian and dramatic situations, of which William Shakespeare thought 400 years ago. The show lasts 60 minutes