One fine day in a carpenter’s workshop somewhere in Munich, a little goblin with fiery red hair stuck to a pot of glue – and became visible. At least for the man who saw it and released it: master carpenter Franz Eder. Then he found out who had been playing tricks on him for a long time… Since then, the carpenter’s workshop has become the goblin’s new home, and master Eder’s customers and relatives have become victims of his tricks.

Pumuckl is one of the most popular characters in German-language entertainment, a rebellious opponent of conformism, calculating, cunning, and self-interest.
This past Sunday, March 13. Theater Tabor Gesnbr presented Ellis Kaut’s play Pumuckl and the Big Noise on the stage of the Theater Maestro in Linz, Austria.
The income from the ticket sales in the amount of 1000 Euros was donated by the Tabor theater team to help our theatre, which became a temporary residence for people fleeing from Russian bombs during the armed invasion of the Russian Federation.
We are receiving tangible support in these difficult times. We sincerely thank you for your help, we will protect in our hearts the words of Anatoly Glukhov: We are happy that we could help our friends and colleagues in the theater … let’s hope that this nightmare will end soon!

Pumuckl and the Big Noise
Starring Gudrun Medicus, Paulus Medicus and Claudia Tinta
Set design: Paulus Medicus
Costumes: Gudrun Medicus/Brigitte Bauer
Directed by Anatoli Glukhov

Tabor Theatre is a free theater group from the region of Upper Austria, working under the direction of the Russian director Anatoliy Glukhov they enjoy recognition not only among Austrian audiences but also in international theatre companies.