This outdoor show of “Job” is based on a poem by Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II. It is not  true and complete transfer of a theatre performance from the stage to the street only. Voskresinnia with his usual panache reaches for a huge ladder , recoiling vehicles , fire and pyrotechnics . With an intimate show in the hall, moving and touching story remains only – here enriched with impressive set design elements and transformed into a great spectacle. Here, too, the idea of presentation affects the relationship between God and man – based lineary when God gives and God takes . For the nineteenth – century French novelist Gustave Flaubert biblical “Book of Job” named the most beautiful poem in the world. Earlier moved firmly Voltaire and Byron. In a similar tone of his grief to God wrote  Jan Kochanowski in threnodies . Contemporary French writer and philosopher Francoise Chirpaz in his interpretation of this work gave subtitle poem of hope , because he thinks that book ever makes ” stop on the precipice of despair. Performance lasts 60 minutes